Huni Kuin Encontro 2023

Connect with nature.

wisdom. community. medicine. change.


January 28th to February 7th 2023 - LIVING GAIA, ALTO PARAÍSO DE GOAIS, BRAZIL 

This Encontro Camp gives us the opportunity to gather and invite a small group of friends and allies to immerse together deeply into nature and our own body. A wonderful Trio of Huni Huin will guide and accompany us with medicine and ceremonies to feel our deep connection with all of creation, ourself as well as with each other.  New ways of communicating and bonding emerge, and we start to weave our dreams into a greater picture that becomes apparent from the visions of us all. 


Day 1 - 4
Connecting with the Huni Kuin and the land 

Coming to Living Gaia is an experience with the wild, the wild of nature, and the wild within you. In our modern life we rarely experience ourselves in a surrounding that is not dominated by humans and all their creation. For the Huni Kuin leaders in contrary the wild is the normal. Together we will spend these days with different tasks to get in touch with our deepest desires, fears potentials and visions for ourselves, our communities, and the whole earth.  

Day 5 & 6
Expressing your vision

These two days are dedicated to our playful creative self. We will experiment with different arts and express ourselves in a new way. Being deeply connected with what we found out about ourselves in the first four days will allow us to free aspects that we weren’t aware of. Expressing these treasures in various ways will guide us to find possibilities of implementing them into our life and relationships in all the different contexts that we have.

Day 7 & 8
Weaving visions into a bigger picture

Having understood and expressed what wants to unfold within and through us it is now time to weave together what we have encountered individually. This process is essential and especially wonderful for it connects and takes us to the experience of the consciousness of the earth body and will help us understand how we and our visions fit into the big picture and what is our role. A full moon medicine ceremony provides the ideal setting for showing what wants to be seen.

Day 9
Making it round

This day is dedicated to give us a gentle comeback from our journey. Much of what we have experienced and understood requires concrete actions. As we will never be together in exactly this formation again, this day is our opportunity to say goodbye to our favourite places in Living Gaia, to have the conversations that are yet to be had, and to express the gratitude our hearts are feeling. 

The Huni Kuin

 Huni Kuin means "the real people" - a name that appropriately describes them, because their entire culture is connected to the rainforest. They have ancient knowledge about the healing power of plants and social cohesion; they live in harmony with nature and as inhabitants of the forest, they protect it most sustainably.  



I am Bunke Inani Huni Kuin. I live in the village of Boa Vista on the Rio Jordao, in Acre, Brazil. I have 5 children and I am the cultural leader of the women in my village. I have travelled a lot passing on our culture and traditions and calling for more indigenous wisdom in the world. 

My name is Batani, guardian of female knowledge, mother of 6 children and master of the arts of the Huni Kuin. I was born and raised in the village, in communion with nature and its spirit. My path led me to Jordao, where I practice the healing art as a shaman. As the female leader of the tribe, it is also part of my duties to travel to Europe to educate people about the life of the Huni Kuin and the dangers we face due to land grabbing and displacement as well as climate change. 

My name is Bixku. I’m the son of the spiritual leaders of my village, Novo Natal. My grandpa was an important shaman. I dedicate most of my time to the perpetuation of our ancient rituals of our sacred medicine, Nixi Pã. Keeping the wisdom of my grandpa alive. As a teacher in my village, I pass this knowledge on to the younger ones. Music is very important to me. Through our songs, we connect with our ancestors. I founded the music group in my village, where we sing our traditional songs and I teach others to play the guitar.


Alexandra Schwarz-Schilling

Alexandra is a Teacher, Coach, Speaker and Explorer of many topics that touch the core issues of our world today. 20 years ago, she founded Coaching Spirale in Berlin, where she is opening doors to the connection between inner work, business, politics, and society by leading individuals and groups trough deep transformational processes. She is the founder of Living Gaia and Living Gaia e.V., which grew out of her decades of experience in shamanic work and her strong connection with nature. She is mother of 2 daughters and a son and a very happy grandmother.


Dada is a Teacher, Musician and Craftsman. Born in São Paulo Brazil, he is a trained carpenter and studied sports teacher. In the 90ies he founded the Berlin Percussion Band Furiosa and ever since he is versatile engaged in Berlin's cultural life as well as in integration projects. For many years he has been at Alexandra's side, supporting her in her work to build bridges between indigenous knowledge and western society. He is very much engaged in building the Living Gaia Healing Biotope.